API Security

Safeguard your data

Prevent unauthorized API access and secure your sensitive data.


Give your APIs the security they deserve.

API Keys were not designed to be used with sensitive data. Use our secure Token Service to ensure developers and their apps use tokens and make you a lot less vulnerable to attacks.

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“Bake” security directly into your API Products.

Empower your API Product Manager to set API Security on an API Product Plan Level leading to more secure API Products and fewer security incidents.

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Are you openly public or hidden from sight?

Apiable gives you the flexibility to set the visibility of your API Products (OPEN vs HIDDEN) separately to the intended audience (PUBLIC vs MANUAL vs INTERNAL) so that you can tailor who can see them.

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Safeguarding reputation and trust

API Security breaches and data leaks can severely damage an organization's reputation and erode customer trust.

OAuth 2.0 Server

No need to build your own API Security Server; make your APIs more secure with our built-in OAuth 2.0 Token Server out of the box.

API Access Approval

Adding approval groups on Product Plans allows you to double-check what the developer has implemented before promoting to production.

New User Approval

Our Registration Approval Process restricts portal access to only those customers and partners you know and trust. Keep everyone else out.

Restricted Portal Access

Switch on restricted portal access at any time to secure your API portal away, requiring a username and password to access.

Users, Teams & Roles

Structure how your API Consumers work with your Portal, enabling self-management and controlling who can access API Credentials.

Native API Security

Prefer to use the Authorization server from your API Gateway? No problem, Apiable supports native gateway authorization.

Powered by Curity

Curity is the selected identity provider for Apiable and the Apiable Token Service is powered by Curity.

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All the tools you need to manage your entire API Ecosystem.

API Portal as a Service

Innovate and grow fast with an API Portal built for API Consumers, API Product Managers, API Products, and Multiple API gateways.

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Safeguard your data

Prevent unauthorized API access and secure your sensitive data.

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Delighted Developers

A short onboarding time with very clear API documentation and code samples to make every developer happy

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API Business Models

Productize your APIs to bring monetization potential, foster developer ecosystems, improve scalability and flexibility, enable partnerships and collaborations, enhance customer experience, drive innovation, and expand market reach.

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Generate Revenue

Generate additional income streams and diversify your revenue sources by monetizing your API Products.

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Keep your APIs in Sync

Finally, an API Platform that picks up where your API Gateway stops.

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Apiable Playbook

Build vs Buy as a Service

Read the Apiable Buyers guide and see whether it makes sense to build and API portal yourself or buy it as a service.