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Why do you need an API portal for the Amazon API gateway?

Hundreds of thousands of organisations use the Amazon API gateway worldwide to connect systems and people to the information they need. Enabling secure connections is the role of the API portal. Both Business Managers and Developers need to understand the API's value proposition and then get fast access.

AWS provides the Serverless Developer Portal; however, there are many known issues, and a new solution is required.

Apiable offers an API portal provided as a Service which runs in the AWS ecosystem and is consumable directly via the AWS Marketplace. Connecting to an existing or new Amazon API gateway is easy, and you don't need a developer.

API teams turn to Apiable because:

  • It's secure - we help you secure your APIs with our OAuth 2.0 Server
  • It's monetizable - realise your revenue objectives
  • It's as a Service - don't worry, we'll run and host it for you
Make sure your APIs are deployed on AWS

It's not good to publish an API before it's ready. Make sure you've deployed your APIs and that it has a valid stage before trying to connect the Amazon API Gateway.

Connect your Amazon API Gateway to Apiable

Under integrations, add a new gateway of type Amazon API Gateway and select the AWS Region where your APIs are deployed.

Enter the Role ARN (Amazon Resource Name) for this gateway. This is recommended best practice by AWS for securely accessing customer Accounts via Cross-Account IAM Roles.

Select your Secure Authorisation Type

Native Authorisation uses a simple API Key generated by AWS. This is not recommended where sensitive data is shared via the API.

Apiable Authorisation activates our secure OAuth 2.0 server on your instance to enable all OAuth 2.0 flows, this is highly recommended when you need to secure your data.

Start creating great API Products!

Create a new Apiable API Product and select your new API Gateway from the dropdown list. A list of your APIs will be fetched from your gateway. Choose the APIs that make most sense to achieve your use case.


How is the API deployed? Usually cloud, on premise or hybrid.

Cloud based, provided as-a-Service by Apiable.

Developer deployment via Github package.

API Discoverability

How easy is it for Business Manager and Developers to find and consume your API products?

APIs are presented as Products to allow both Business Managers and Developers to discover them. Products may be Public or Private.

A list of APIs is shown. This could be customisable with extra development.

API Documentation

How is the API specification presented? How easy is it to change versions?

Product/Plan specific Documentation may be uploaded.

Documentation is uploaded the JSON file to the artifacts bucket.

API Authorisation

From a simple API key to full OAuth 2.0.

Simple API Key is supported by the underlying API Management system. Apiable provides an OAuth 2.0 server with each portal instance.

A simple API Key is generated by the API Gateway.OAuth 2.0 may be configured via Cognito, requires a developer.

Secure Onboarding

How does the API portal onboard new API consumers?

Secure onboarding for Managers and Developers is provided. API Teams make subscriptions to API Products. Subscriptions create API Gateway API Keys. Approval processes available for Registration and Subscription.

Users are connected directly to API Gateway API Keys.A placeholder template for integration via a Cognito user pool is included in the package.

OAuth 2.0 support

Is the OAuth 2.0 standard supported out of the box?

Apiable provides an OAuth 2.0 server with each portal instance.

No, needs to be configured


What mechanisms are there for Monetization of the API products?

Support for Free, Flat, Per-unit and Tiered pricing models.

May be coupled with the AWS Marketplace. Requires developer to integrate.


Where can you see a running example of the portal?



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