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Why do you need an API portal for the Kong API gateway?

Kong is one of the most popular open-source API gateways available on the market and is used by a wide array of industries, from real estate to education management. If you are using Kong for your API management, then you should consider making your APIs available via an API portal to grow the number of customers and partners within your API ecosystem.

Kong Enterprise ships with a developer portal included. Unfortunately, the community version does not include the developer portal, and many organizatons struggle to get their APIs exposed. Those enterprise customers using the API portal often state that the portal is very developer-centric and does not offer an experience or API products for business managers, who are often the decision maker on whether the API should be used. Customers also complain that a technical resource is needed to configure and run the portal.

If you are running Kong, you can connect the Apiable Portal in a few minutes without needing a developer. You can then bundle your APIs into Products and make them consumable with the option to monetize should you wish to do so.

API teams choose Apiable because:

  • It's secure - we help you secure your APIs with our OAuth 2.0 Server
  • It's monetizable - realise your revenue objectives
  • It's as s Service - don't worry, we'll run and host it for you
Make sure your APIs are exposed on Kong

Use Kong services and routes to configure how you wish to expose your APIs. Apiable will read the list of APIs available on your gateway and ask which ones you wish to expose on your API product.

Connect your Kong API Gateway to Apiable

Apiable uses the Kong API Loopback method in order to get access to your APIs. Under integrations, add a new gateway of type Kong API Gateway and enter the URL and Key.

Select your Secure Authorisation Type

Native Authorisation we support Key auth for Kong Community and Enterprise users. Full OAuth 2.0 Authentication is available on demand.

Apiable Authorisation activates our secure OAuth 2.0 server on your instance to enable all OAuth 2.0 flows, this is highly recommended when you need to secure your data. Note: A Kong Plus, Konnect or Enterprise license is needed to enable the Apiable Token Service due to the dependency on the introspection plugin.

Start creating great API Products!

Create a new Apiable API Product and select your new API Gateway from the dropdown list. A list of your APIs will be fetched from your gateway. Choose the APIs that make most sense to achieve your use case.


How is the API deployed? Usually cloud, on premise or hybrid.

Cloud based, provided as-a-Service by Apiable.

Either self hosted or available in Konnect as a Service.

API Discoverability

How easy is it for Business Manager and Developers to find and consume your API products?

APIs are presented as Products to allow both Business Managers and Developers to discover them. Products may be Public or Private.

The focus is on the developer persona with developer self service and a focus on API Specs rather than business manager persona.

API Documentation

How is the API specification presented? How easy is it to change versions?

Product/Plan specific Documentation may be uploaded.

API Specs are stored directly within the Developer Portal.

API Authorisation

From a simple API key to full OAuth 2.0.

Simple API Key is supported via the Key Auth plugin. The Kong OAuth 2.0 flows are available on demand. Apiable provides an OAuth 2.0 server with each portal instance for Konnect, Kong Plus and Enterprise customers.

API Security is offered from Key Auth through to full OAuth 2.0 flows. Token introspection is only available to Konnect, Kong Plus and Enterprise customers.

Secure Onboarding

How does the API portal onboard new API consumers?

Secure onboarding for Managers and Developers is provided. API Teams make subscriptions to API Products. Subscriptions create Kong consumers connected to Key Auth. Approval processes available for Registration and Subscription.

An Authorization Provider Strategy for Application Registration is used to register new developers. Developer access may be managed at registration and at the application level.

OAuth 2.0 support

Is the OAuth 2.0 standard supported out of the box?

Apiable provides an OAuth 2.0 server with each portal instance.

Yes this is available through the OAuth 2.0 Authentication Plugin.


What mechanisms are there for Monetization of the API products?

Support for Free, Flat, Per-unit and Tiered pricing models.

No Monetization options are currently available for the Kong dev portal without customization.


Where can you see a running example of the portal?



Certified AWS partners

Our solution has been reviewed and passed by AWS during the Foundational Technical Review which is designed to identify and remediate risks to using our software.
See Apiable on the AWS Partner page.

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