From my time as an API Product Manager at Swisscom, I remember how useful it was to have other product managers to bounce ideas off. Unfortunately, many API Product Managers don't have that luxury and end up going it alone.
Allan Knabe
CEO & API Product Manager, Apiable

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This 8 week coaching program helps you become a better API Product Manager. If you score enough points, you will receive a qualified API Product Manager Certificate to show off on LinkedIn!

API Product Management can mean a lot of different things to different people. This course will focus on building the business case for your APIs.

We'll help you to:
1. Sell the idea of API Products to your internal stakeholders.
2. Understand your API Consumers.
3. Develop your API Strategy.

Cohort: Summer 2024 (Fastrack: 4 weeks)

This is a fully virtual course, it's condensed down from the usual 8 weeks to just 4 weeks.

Includes free admittance in the first year to the Apiable Mastermind after the course is completed.
  • Enrolment Deadline: 17.05.2024.

  • Weekly Calls: 90 Minutes.

  • Investment: €1,395 (Usually €2,200).

Being an API Product Manager is hard enough. Don't do it alone.

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